Volume & Issue: Volume 21, Issue 3, July 2022 

Letter to Editor

Remdesivir in Breastfeeding

Pages 261-262

Elham Sadati; Parisa Honarpisheh; Fariba Ghorbani

Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking and its Related Factors among Students in Iran: A Meta-Analysis

Pages 271-282

Marzieh Aslani; Mahboubeh Nazari; Hamidreza Jamaati; Omid Naseri; Sholeh Saedmoucheshi; Prashant Kumar Singh; Reza Ghanei Gheshlagh

COVID-19 in Pediatric Patients: An update on Features and Treatment Options

Pages 283-292

Zahra Soheilirad; Pegah Karimian; Motahare Aghajani Delvar

Original Article

Evaluation of Lymphocyte Subtypes in COVID-19 Patients

Pages 293-301

Mitra Rezaei; Majid Marjani; Payam Tabarsi; Afshin Moniri; Mihan Pourabdollah; Zahra Abtahian; Mehdi Kazempour Dizaji; Neda Dalil Roofchayee; Neda K. Dezfuli; Davood Mansouri; Nikoo Hossein-Khannazer; Mohammad Varahram; Esmaeil Mortaz; Ali Akbar Velayati

Non Invasive Ventilation's Effectiveness (NIV) in Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease and Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure

Pages 302-306

Forogh Soltaninejad; Abbas Samim; Mehrzad Salmasi; Christoph Schőbel; Thomas Penzel; Awat Feizi; Babak Amra

Spectrum and Burden of Influenza Infection: An Approach to Identify Predictors of Morbidity and Mortality Rate from the Patients of the Northwest of Iran

Pages 317-329

Amin Daei Sorkhabi; Aila Sarkesh; Nader Mohammadzadeh; Parisa Shiri Aghbash; Hossein Bannazadeh Baghi

Accounting for Potential Unmeasured Confounding in the Association between Influenza vaccination and COVID-19 Hospitalization: Sensitivity Analysis Using E-value Method

Pages 330-335

Reza Sadeghi; Maryam Delavari Heravi; Ahmad Naghibzadeh-Tahami; Niloofar Ebrahim Abadi; Mahmoud Reza Masoodi; Minoo Mashayekhi; Maryam Mirzaei; Mohammad Aryaie

Effect of Herbal Medicine Formulation (Compound Honey Syrup) on Quality of Life in Patients With COPD: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Pages 336-347

Zohreh Poursaleh; Rasool Choopani; Ensieh Vahedi; Abbas Fadaei Khedmat; Ali Ghazvini; Mahmood Salesi; Mostafa Ghanei

Comparison of Nebulized Lidocaine and Intratracheally Injected (Spray-as-you-go) Lidocaine in Pain and Cough Reduction during Bronchoscopy

Pages 348-353

Saeid Islamitabar; Mohammad Gholizadeh; Mohammad Hasan Rakhshani; Asghar Kazemzadeh; MoosaalReza Tadayonfar

Effect of Family Presence on the Success of Weaning in Intensive Care Units

Pages 367-375

Elham Arvinpour; Abdolali Shariati; Neda Sayadi; Mohammad Hosein Haghighi

T790M and Acquired Resistance of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Patients with Lung Adenocarcinoma

Pages 376-383

Hanifeh Mirtavoos-Mahyari; Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli; Zahra Esfahani- Monfared; Adnan Khosravi; Sharareh Seifi; Kambiz Sheikhy

Comparative Study of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Exudative and Transudative Pleural Effusion

Pages 384-390

Shahrzad Mohammadzadeh Lari; Abolfazl Akbari; Kiarash Roustai Geraylow; Shiva Zarifkia; Farahnaz Hokmabadi; Zahra Javidarabshahi; Marzieh Nouri Daloee; Zahra Hadizadeh Talasaz; Houshang Rafatpanah; Saeed Akhlaghi; Reza Basiri; Fariba Rezaee Talab

Toxicity of Carbon-Based Nanomaterials in the Human Lung: A Comparative In-Vitro Study

Pages 391-400

Nafiseh Nasirzadeh; Yousef Mohammadian; Yahya Rasoulzadeh; Mansour Rezazadeh Azari; Fariba Khodagholi

Case Report

Hemoptysis Resolution with Rituximab in Behçet's Disease: A Case Report

Pages 401-404

Hamidreza Jamaati; Raha Eskandari; Babak Sharif-Kashani; Roodabeh Haghgoo; Farzaneh Dastan