Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Issue 3, October 2019 
Pulmonary Hypertension in Intensive Care Units: An Updated Review

Pages 180-207

Armin Nowroozpoor; Majid Malekmohammad; Seyyed Reza Seyyedi; Seyed Mohammadreza Hashemian

Cromolyn, a New Hope for Limited Treatment of Neutrophilic Asthma: a Phase II Randomized Clinical Trial

Pages 208-214

Majid Mirsadraee; Zahra Sabbagh Sajadieh; Shadi Ghafari; Afsaneh Tavakoli; Saeedeh Sabbagh Sajadieh

Assessment of the Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) and Aerobic Training on the Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Pages 223-229

Amir Hossein Abedi Yekta; Mehrshad Poursaeid Esfahani; Shahin Salehi; Mohammad Hassabi; Shahrzad Khosravi; Shahram Kharabian; Mohammad Reza Sohrabi; Amir Ali Mafi; Saeed Rezaei

Pneumocystis jiroveci Pneumonia in HIV-Positive and HIVNegative Patients: A Single-Center Retrospective Study

Pages 238-243

Reem S. Almaghrabi; Sadeem Alfuraih; Rand Alohaly; Shamayel Mohammed; Abdulrahman A. Alrajhi; Ali S. Omrani

The Incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Outpatient Cancer Therapy in Iran

Pages 244-253

Babak Sharif-Kashani; Ali Ghanbari Motlagh; Ahmad R Mafi; Omid Esnaashari; Mani Ramzi; Ali Taghizadeh; Safa Najaf

Diagnostic Value of Copeptin in Patients with Suspected Pulmonary Embolism in Emergency Departments

Pages 262-267

Alireza Abootalebi Ghahnavieh; Keihan Golshani; Mohammadsaleh Jafarpisheh; Milad Moaiednia; Mohammad Ali Memarzade; Asieh Maghami-Mehr

Bleomycin-Induced Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia Manifested as Spontaneous Pneumothorax in a Patient with Classic Seminoma

Pages 268-271

Diana Lizbeth Ortíz-Farías; Stephanie López-Romero; Hirian Alonso Moshe Barrera-Pérez; Gary Kosai VargasMendoza; Arturo Cortes-Telles

Tracheobronchopathia Osteochondroplastica: End Stage of Tracheo-Bronchial Amyloidosis?

Pages 272-275

Haifa Zaibi; Rana Fessi; Besma Dhahri; Jihen Ben Amar; Hichem Aouina