Keywords = Air pollution
Number of Articles: 6
1. Knowledge and Practice of Asthmatic Children’s Parents About Daily Air Quality

Volume 12, Issue 3, Autumn 2013, Pages 23-28

Taraneh Yazdanparast; Seyed Mohammad Seyedmehdi; Soheila Khalilzadeh; Sousan Salehpour; Mohammad Reza Boloursaz; Nooshin Baghaie; Maryam Hassanzad; Ali Akbar Velayati

2. The Right to Clean Air and Related Sanctions in Iranian and French Law

Volume 9, 2(spiring), Spring 2010, Pages 7-12

Ardechir Amir-Arjomand; Ali Mashhadi

3. Anthracotic Airways Disease: Report of 102 Cases

Volume 8, 1(winter), Winter 2009, Pages 14-22

Kazem Amoli

4. The Relation between Air Pollution and Cardiorespiratory Admissions in Tehran

Volume 8, 1(winter), Winter 2009, Pages 35-40

Soheila Khalilzadeh; Zohreh Khalilzadeh; Habib Emami; Mohammad Reza Masjedi

5. Airborne- Benzene and Its Effect on Blood Indices of 10- 12 Years Old Children in Four Regions of Tehran

Volume 4, 1(winter), Winter 2005, Pages 47-55

Mansour Azari; Mohammad Ali Mohagheghi; Bijan Nahavandian; Hamid Alavi; Mohammad Ali Emam- Hadi

6. Study of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Level in Ambient Air of Tabriz Streets

Volume 3, 2(spring), Spring 2004, Pages 47-52

Hassan Heidarnazhad; Afshin Pirzeh; Saeed Dastgiri