Keywords = Lung function
Number of Articles: 5
2. Comparison of Catecholamine Values Before and After Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm in Professional Cyclists

Volume 16, Issue 2, Spring 2017, Pages 136-143

Folly Messan; Albérick Tito; Polycarpe Gouthon; Kocou Basile Nouatin; Issiako Bio Nigan; Abel Sewanou Blagbo; Joseph Lounana; Jean Medelli

3. The Effect of Wood Aerosols and Bioaerosols on the Respiratory Systems of Wood Manufacturing Industry Workers in Golestan Province

Volume 16, Issue 1, Winter 2017, Pages 53-59

Phateme Badirdast; Mansour Rezazadeh Azari; Soussan Salehpour; Ali Ghadjari; Soheila Khodakarim; Davod Panahi; Moslem Fadaei; Abolfazl Rahimi

4. Pulmonary Functions and Health-Related Quality of Life among Silica-Exposed Workers

Volume 16, Issue 1, Winter 2017, Pages 60-67

Hamzeh Mohammadi; Somayeh Farhang Dehghan; Farideh Golbabaei; Saman Roshani; Reza Pakzad; Parvin Foroughi; Roohalah Hajizadeh