Volume & Issue: Volume 1, 1(winter) - Serial Number 1, January 2002 
Factors Contributing to Pneumothorax in Transthoracic CT-Guided Needle Aspiration Biopsy

Pages 15-21

Bakhshayesh-Karam M; Zahirifard S; Mohsen Ghofrani M; Fadaizadeh L

Treatment of Post-intubation Tracheal Stenosis with Nd-YAG Laser

Pages 36-40

Jabbar Darjani HR; Mirminachi F; Arami S; Abbassi A; Masjedi MR

Comparison of Right Tei Index Between Normal Individuals and Patients with Pulmonary Disease

Pages 46-49

Behzadnia N; Sharif-Khashani B; Shokoofi-Moghiman Sh; Koroorian AR

Asthma in Pregnancy

Pages 50-54

Khalilzadeh S; Poroushani AH; Masjedi MR

Primary Tracheal Synovial Cell Sarcoma: Case Report

Pages 55-60

Mir-Afsharieh SA; Arab M; Mohammadi F; Bahadori M