An Unusual Presentation of Hodgkin's Lymphoma as a Chest Wall Abscess in Association with Old Tuberculosis


1 Department of Clinical Anatomical Pathology,

2 Mycobacteriology Research Center,

3 Department of Thoracic Surgery,

4 Department of Radiology, NRITLD, Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, TEHRAN-IRAN.


Chest wall abscess is a very rare presentation of extranodal Hodgkin's lymphoma. Only a few case reports have been found in this regard. Here, we describe a chest wall mass developed in association with tuberculosis in an 82-year-old woman. Radiologic examination revealed two masses outside of chest wall that lead to destructive changes in the manubrium of sternum. The diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma was made by open surgical excisional biopsy of the chest wall mass. This is a very unusual extranodal presentation of Hodgkin's lymphoma.(Tanaffos 2007; 6(1): 71-74)