One Stage Operation for Five Giant Hydatid Cysts of Both Lungs and Liver in a 20-Year-Old Female


Respiratory Diseases and TB Research Center, Razi Hospital, Guilan University of Medical Sciences (GUMS), Rasht-Iran


Echinococcosis remains a significant health hazard in endemic areas, including the Middle East, Mediterranean countries and Central Asia. Pulmonary disease appears more commonly in younger individuals but bilateral pulmonary involvement is relatively rare. Concomitant pulmonary and liver hydatid disease may occur in 4% to 25% of patients with hydatidosis. A previously healthy 20-year-old femal from north of Iran without any previous history of lung or liver disease presented with complaints of right upper quadrant and right side chest pain and a low grade fever for the past one month. In imaging studies, one cyst in the left lung, two cysts in the right lung and two cysts in the liver were found. Since the cysts were symptomatic, it was decided to treat these cysts surgically. The patient underwent bilateral anterolateral thoracotomies and phrenotomy under general anesthesia and all cysts were evacuated. The patient was discharged in good condition.