Primary Tracheal Synovial Cell Sarcoma: Case Report


1 Department of Clinical Anatomical Pathology,NRITLD, Shaheed Beheshti Medical Univesity, TEHRAN-IRAN

2 Department of Thoracic Surgery, NRITLD, Shaheed Beheshti Medical Univesity, TEHRAN-IRAN

3 Department of Clinical Anatomical Pathology, NRITLD, Shaheed Beheshti Medical Univesity, TEHRAN-IRAN


Synovial sarcoma is a malignant soft tissue with varying of mesenchymal and epithelial differentiation. This tumor is usually occurs in paraarticular regions and uncommonly within the articular cavity of upper and lower extremities. On rare occasions it ossurs in areas without any apparent relationship to synovial structures such as abdominal wall, tongue, and parapharyngeal region. Primary tracheal tumors are relatively uncommon, estimated 2.7 new cases per million per year. Sarcomas are rarely seen as a primary tracheal tumor. Only one case of primary synovial sarcoma of trachea was reported.
We report a case of primary synovial sarcpma of trachea in a 10 years old female. The patient underwent tracheal resection. The tumor was composed of spindle shaped cell in fascicular pattern and a few cystic structures. The tumor cells showed positive reaction for epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) and cytokeratin.