Evaluation of Spirometery Parameters and Clinical Symptoms in Tobacco-Industry Workers Exposed to Dust in Tobacco Factory


1 Deparment of Internal Medicine. NRITLD, Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services

2 Department of Occupational Medicine


Background: Despite the fact that many surveys have been carried out on adverse effects of tobacco and diseases
attributable to smoking, only a few studies have described the effects of tobacco dust in tobacco-industry workers.
Materials and Methods: A total of 487 nonsmoking factory workers were randomly selected from different sections of
the factory for this cross-sectional study. Having completed the questionnaire, they underwent spirometry and other
examinations including DLCO, TLC, chest X-ray, and CT scan.
Results: Five cases developed COPD (1.27%) of whom 4 (0.96%) were working in cigarette fabricating section. Of 8
patients with asthma (1.92%), 3(0.72%) worked in an area where cigarettes were fabricated. Restrictive disorders were
reported in 6 workers (1.42%) of whom 2 were in the sorting-blending and fabricating sections (0.48%) and 1 in tobacco
packaging (0.24%) section.
Conclusion: The results implied high prevalence of obstructive disorders in the workers of cigarette fabricating
section. We have concluded that working in different sections of a cigarette factory and also working experience have no
significant relationship with pulmonary disorders and radiologic appearance of nonsmoking workers.
(Tanaffos 2002;1(1),41-45)