Pilomatrix Carcinoma with Subsequent Pulmonary Metastases: a Case Report


1 Department of Pathology,

2 Department of Thoracic Surgery, Ghaem Hospital, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, MASHHAD- IRAN.

3 Department of Pathology


Pilomatrix carcinoma is the malignant counterpart of the pilomatrixoma which is a hamartoma of the hair matrix. It is a rare locally aggressive skin tumor with a great tendency for recurrence but its metastatic potential is limited. We report a pilomatrix carcinoma with proven metastases to the lung in a 51-year old man who was admitted to the hospital for respiratory symptoms such as productive cough with green colored sputum and halitosis since one year ago. (Tanaffos 2006; 5(3): 57-60)