Influence of Intrapleural Infusion of Marcaine on Post Thoracotomy Pain


Department of Thoracic Surgery, Hazrat Rasoul Medical Complex, Iran University of Medical Science and Health Services, TEHRANIRAN.


Background: Pain control after thoracotomy is an important issue. "Optimal pain control methods" for decreasing the post
thoracotomy pain are a matter of debate among many surgeons. Ideal methods should have high success rate, easy
implementation and minimal complications. This study was designed to evaluate the effect of intrapleural injection of
marcaine in comparison to systemic analgesics (Pethidine) on post thoracotomy pain.
Materials and Methods: This clinical trial was designed to compare the efficacy of a systemic agent (control group) and
infusion of analgesic drug (case group) through an intrapleural catheter for post thoracotomy pain relief. The subjects had
undergone postero-lateral thoracotomy and the two groups were compared with regard to age, gender, education, smoking,
alcohol abuse and history of infectious diseases. All data were statistically analyzed using chi-square and t- student tests and
p Results: Frequency distribution of pain within the first 24 hours showed marked decrease in severity of pain in both case or
control group (P=0.00).
Mean differences in pain score within the first 24 hours was 2.18 in the case group and 2.13 in the control group.(P=0.68). No
significant difference was detected between the two groups.
Conclusion: For relieving post thoracotomy pain, intrapleural infusion of marcaine can be as effective as a systemic agents
(pethidine) with regard to the negligible side effects and feasibility of use in either post thoracotomy or traumatic patients,
intrapleural route can be used for selected patients as the method of choice. (Tanaffos 2007; 6(1): 47-51)