Presentation of a Surgical Technique and Results in the Treatment of Lung Hydatid Cyst


1 Department of Thoracic Surgery

2 Lung Transplantation Research Center,

3 Tracheal Disease Research Center, NRITLD, Shahid Beheshti University M.C, TEHRAN-IRAN.


Background: Due to the diversity of surgical techniques and great differences in the incidence of pulmonary hydatid cysts around the world, the most appropriate surgical technique has not yet been substantiated. We presented the results of a single surgical technique in a consecutive group of patients and described the technical details. Methods and Materials: The study was conducted during an 8-year period on 125 patients with a mean age of 33.1 yrs that were suffering from pulmonary hydatid cysts. The surgical procedure included: thoracotomy, opening the cyst, removing all its contents, removal and suturing the bronchial openings. The pericyst cavity left open into the pleural space. Surgical complications, morbidity and mortality rates were evaluated. In addition, the recurrence rate was assessed post-operatively by periodic chest radiographs. Results: There were a total of 181 cysts in 125 patients; 156(86.2%) cysts were operated via the above-mentioned technique and for 25 cysts due to destruction of parenchyma, lobectomy (n=9) or segmentectomy (n=2) was performed. Complications included prolonged air leakage in 4, persistent pleural effusion in 1 and pulmonary embolism in 1patient. There were five recurrences (2.8%) and 1 death due to pneumonia and sepsis. Conclusion: Thoracotomy, evacuation of the endocyst and closure of the bronchial openings comprise an appropriate surgical technique for the treatment of hydatid cysts of the lung. (Tanaffos 2008; 7(4): 11-18)