The Problem of Adherence in the Management of Bronchial Asthma: An Educational Ambulatory Course Called "The School of Asthma"


Division of Respiratory Diseases, Hospital of Sestri Levante, GENOA-ITALY.


Background:The management of bronchial asthma is an emerging problem for physicians. The introduction of guidelines has improved the diagnosis of asthma, but not the patient's adherence. To resolve this problem, an educational ambulatory course called “The School of Asthma“ was started in the year 2000 in the department of respiratory diseases of the 4th local health unit of Chiavari. Materials and Methods: A team comprised of a physician, a nurse and a psychologist informed a small group of patients (5- 8 ) about the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of asthma, its pharmacological therapy and the administration of inhalation drugs. Results: Our statistical evaluation showed a reduction in necessary use of bronchodilators, a decrease in visits to the emergency department and an increase in use of inhaled corticosteroids . Conclusion:These figures suggest that an educational course improves the adherence of the patients and may reduce the health costs of the disease. (Tanaffos 2009; 8(4): 14-18