Validation of Persian Version of Asthma Control Test Based on new Global Initiative for Asthma Guidelines


1 Department of Internal Medicine

2 Department of Pediatrics, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Kurdistan-Iran.


Background: Asthma is a serious global health problem. The lack of a clinical gold standard for evaluation of asthma control, as well as inadequate recognition of uncontrolled asthma by patients and clinicians may contribute to this situation. The Asthma Control Test is an easy and reliable test. The aim of this study was to validate the Persian version of this test with regard to GINA2009 guidelines based on a specialist’s rating of asthma control. Materials and Methods: Patients (n = 150) completed the Asthma Control Test. Pulmonary function was measured. A chest specialist rated asthma control in line with the Global Initiative for Asthma 2009 guidelines. Patients were divided into well controlled, partly controlled and uncontrolled groups in order to evaluate the reliability and validity of the ACT. Results: The mean age was 41.68 years. The internal consistency reliability of 5- item ACT survey was 0.89%. There were no significant differences in ACT scores between different age, gender, educational status and inhabitancy groups. Between the groups with different GINA-based control levels, a significant difference in ACT score was noted in favor of an ACT-based discrimination of different states of asthma control (F = 305.3, p <0.001). Patient group with poorer lung function (FEV1) scored significantly lower on the ACT than groups with better lung function (F=6.82, p <0.001). Differences in ACT score between treatment recommendation groups were significant (F=50.54, p <0.001). Statistically significant correlations were observed between ACT scores and GINA-based values of asthma control rating by a specialist (r = 0.86, p <0.001) and treatment recommendations (r=0.54, p <0.001). Correlation between ACT score and percentage of FEV1 predicted was moderate (r=0.39, p <0.001). Conclusion: The Persian version of Asthma Control Test is a valid and reliable test for asthma control assessment.