Evaluation of Tuberculin Skin Test Positivity and Early Tuberculin Conversion among Medical Intern Trainees in Tunisia


El Manar Tunis University, Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, Rabta hospital, Respiratory Department, Research Unit 12SP06, Tunisia.


Background: As healthcare workers (HCWs), medical trainees are at a high-risk for acquisition of tuberculosis (TB) infection and disease. To our knowledge, there are no published data about TB infection among medical trainees in Tunisia. To determine the tuberculin skin test (TST) positivity and tuberculin conversion among a group of medical trainees in different departments at our institution. Materials and Methods: We performed a prospective study using the TST. The study was conducted in two steps: 1) an initial TST survey and 2) an evaluation of the TST conversion rates. Results: Among 114 participants, the TST was positive (≥10 mm) in 26.3% and negative (