Keywords = Anesthesia
Comparison of Nebulized Lidocaine and Intratracheally Injected (Spray-as-you-go) Lidocaine in Pain and Cough Reduction during Bronchoscopy

Volume 21, Issue 3, July 2022, Pages 348-353

Saeid Islamitabar; Mohammad Gholizadeh; Mohammad Hasan Rakhshani; Asghar Kazemzadeh; MoosaalReza Tadayonfar

Simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney Transplantation: First Report from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Review of Anesthesia Considerations

Volume 9, 4(autumn), December 2010, Pages 69-74

Badiolzaman Radpay; Mahtab Pourzamani; Mahvash Agah; Mohammad Fathi; Nasser Simforoosh; Amin Shokouhi; Shideh Dabir

Management of Anesthesia in Goldenhar Syndrome: Case-Series Study

Volume 8, 4(autumn), December 2009, Pages 43-50

Fatemeh Roodneshin; Mahvash Agah

Clinical Analysis of EEG Parameters in Prediction of the Depth of Anesthesia in Different Stages: A Comparative Study

Volume 8, 2(spiring), June 2009, Pages 46-53

Noor Mohammad Arefian; Ali Reza Zali; Amir Saeid Seddighi; Mohammad Fathi; Hooman Teymourian; Shideh Dabir; Badiolzaman Radpay

Anesthesia Management in an 11-Month Old Infant with Pompe Disease

Volume 8, 1(winter), January 2009, Pages 79-83

Fatemeh Roodneshin; Mahvash Agah