Author = Badiolzaman Radpay
Simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney Transplantation: First Report from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Review of Anesthesia Considerations

Volume 9, 4(autumn), December 2010, Pages 69-74

Badiolzaman Radpay; Mahtab Pourzamani; Mahvash Agah; Mohammad Fathi; Nasser Simforoosh; Amin Shokouhi; Shideh Dabir

Comparison between CT-Scan and Trans-Abdominal Sonography in Celiac and Splanchnic Plexus Blocks in Patients with Advanced Pancreatic Head Cancer

Volume 8, 3(summer), October 2009, Pages 51-57

Badiolzaman Radpay; Khosrow Farhadi; Mohammad Zaman Radpay; Akbar Goldasteh; Shideh Dabir; Tahereh Parsa; Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam; Mohammad Fathi

Clinical Analysis of EEG Parameters in Prediction of the Depth of Anesthesia in Different Stages: A Comparative Study

Volume 8, 2(spiring), June 2009, Pages 46-53

Noor Mohammad Arefian; Ali Reza Zali; Amir Saeid Seddighi; Mohammad Fathi; Hooman Teymourian; Shideh Dabir; Badiolzaman Radpay

Fracture and Aspiration of Tracheostomy Tube

Volume 8, 1(winter), January 2009, Pages 75-78

Badiolzaman Radpay; Saviz Pejhan; Shideh Dabir; Tahereh Parsa; Mohammad Zaman Radpay

Anesthesia Management in a Pregnant Woman with Severe Sub-glottic Stenosis

Volume 7, 3(summer), October 2008, Pages 76-80

Tahereh Parsa; Shideh Dabir; Hamid Reza Jabar Darjani; Badiolzaman Radpay

Familiarity of Physicians with the Aims of Pre-Operative Anesthesia Evaluation Clinics

Volume 7, 2(spiring), June 2008, Pages 58-63

Badiolzaman Radpay; Mahvash Agah; Shideh Dabir; Akbar Goldasteh; Tahereh Parsa

Comparison of Propofol and Remifentanil Administration on Lipid Profile

Volume 6, 4(autumn), December 2007, Pages 31-36

Lida Fadaizadeh; Badiolzaman Radpay; Zohreh Mohammad Taheri; Asghar Bolhasani; Fatemeh Shahsavari; Fatemeh Moosavi

Effect of Partial Parenteral Versus Enteral Nutritional Therapy on Serum Indices in Multiple Trauma Patients

Volume 6, 4(autumn), December 2007

Noor Mohammad Arefian; Hooman Teymourian; Badiolzaman Radpay

Efficacy of Pethidine and Buprenorphine for Prevention and Treatment of Postanesthetic Shivering

Volume 6, 3(summer), October 2007, Pages 54-58

Tahereh Parsa; Shideh Dabir; Badiolzaman Radpay

Acquaintance of Patients with the Aims of Pre-Operative Anesthesia Evaluation Clinics

Volume 6, 2(spiring), June 2007, Pages 56-62

Badiolzaman Radpay; Mahvash Agah; Shideh Dabir; Akbar Goldasteh; Tahereh Parsa; Noor Mohammad Arefian

Ventilation with ProSeal Laryngeal Mask Airway during Short-Term Elective Gynecologic Surgery

Volume 5, 3(summer), October 2006, Pages 19-23

Tahereh Parsa; Shideh Dabir; Badiolzaman Radpay

Pain Relief Methods after Thoracotomy

Volume 4, 4(autumn), December 2005, Pages 29-39

Badiolzaman Radpay; Ahmad Bayat; Mehdi Kazempour Dizaji; Shideh Badri; Shideh Dabir; Tahereh Parsa; Fatemeh Bayat

Whole Lung Lavage under General Anesthesia in A Child with Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis (A Case Report)

Volume 3, 1(winter), January 2004, Pages 61-67

Badiolzaman Radpay; Tahereh Parsa; Soheila Khalilzadeh; Shideh Dabir; Shahram Karimi Zandi; Mahshid Ghasemi

The Effect of Interpleural Morphine on PostThoracotomy Pain Management

Volume 2, 4(autumn), December 2003, Pages 31-39

Shideh Dabir; Badiolzaman Radpay; Tahereh Parsa; Mehdi Kazempour Dizaji,; Leila Salimi Nezhad