Author = Mohsen Sokouti
Squamous Cell Carcinoma on the Remaining Sequel of Tuberculosis, Presented as Pancoast Tumor 8 Years Later

Volume 11, 3(summer), October 2012, Pages 49-51

Mohsen Sokouti; Monireh Halimi; Samad EJ Golzari

A Comparative Study of Postoperative Pulmonary Complications Using Fast Track Regimen and Conservative Analgesic Treatment: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Volume 10, 3(summer), October 2011, Pages 12-19

Mohsen Sokouti; Babak Abri Aghdam; Samad Eslam Jamal Golzari; Majid Moghadaszadeh

Delayed Concurrent Chylothorax and Chyloperitoneum: Report of a Case after an Old Blunt Trauma

Volume 10, 1(winter), January 2011, Pages 52-56

Mohsen Sokouti; Babak Abri Aghdam

A Comprehensive Study of Mediastinal Goiters

Volume 9, 1(winter), January 2010, Pages 15-20

Mohsen Sokouti; Vahid Montazeri

Comparison of Pulmonary Hydatid Disease between Children and Adults

Volume 6, 1(winter), January 2007, Pages 13-18

Vahid Montazeri; Mohsen Sokouti; Mohammad Reza Rashidi