Author = Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli
T790M and Acquired Resistance of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Patients with Lung Adenocarcinoma

Volume 21, Issue 3, July 2022, Pages 376-383

Hanifeh Mirtavoos-Mahyari; Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli; Zahra Esfahani- Monfared; Adnan Khosravi; Sharareh Seifi; Kambiz Sheikhy

Clinical Significance of Quantitative FDG PET/CT Parameters in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients

Volume 19, Issue 3, July 2020, Pages 186-194

Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr; Adnan Khosravi; Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli; Mehrdad Bakhshayesh-Karam; Hamidreza Jamaati; Abtin Doroudinia; Seyedeh Marzieh Mohaghegh; Payam Mehrian; Habib Emami; Atosa Dorudinia

A Proposed Grading System for Post-Intubation Tracheal Stenosis

Volume 11, 3(summer), October 2012, Pages 10-14

Ali Ghorbani; Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli; Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr; Saviz Pejhan; Seyed Reza Saghebi; Aba-saad Ghare-Daghi; Roya Farzanegan; Nahid Jahanshahi

Medical versus Surgical Management in Patients with Bronchiectasis

Volume 7, 4(autumn), December 2008, Pages 32-36

Saviz Pejhan; Shahrokh Adhami; Sepehr Abbasi Dezfouli; Amir Kasraean Fard; Roya Farzanegan; Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli

Pulmonary Metastatectomy and Survival Rate of Patients

Volume 7, 1(winter), January 2008, Pages 47-51

Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli; Behrooz Heydari; Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr; Mehrdad Arab; Mojtaba Javaherzadeh; Saviz Pejhan; Abolghasem Daneshvar Kakhki; Roya Farzanegan

Suicide Attempts as the Cause of Post Intubation Airway Stenosis (PIAS)

Volume 4, 3(summer), October 2005, Pages 11-17

Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli; Shahrokh Adhami; Roya Farzanegan; Gholam Reza Karimi; Mehrnaz Vali Zadeh; Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr; Mehrdad Arab; Mojtaba Javaherzadeh; Saviz Pejhan; Abolghasem Daneshvar Kakhki

New Chest Tube to Facilitate Intrapleural Injections

Volume 4, 1(winter), January 2005, Pages 33-37

Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli; Farid Aghayee Meybodi; Abolghasem Daneshvar Kakhki; Sanaz Sasani; Roya Farzanegan; Mohammad Reza Lashgari

Ligation of the Major Mediastinal Vessels, Safety and Complications

Volume 3, 2(spring), June 2004, Pages 19-23

Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli; Mohammad Keshoofi; Mojtaba Javaherzadeh; Abolghasem Daneshvar Kakhki; Mehrdad Arab; Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr; Saviz Pejhan

Case Presentation and Imaging Review of an Adult Mediastinal Cavernous Lymphangioma; Case Report

Volume 2, 4(autumn), December 2003, Pages 71-76

Soheila Zahirifard; Mehrdad Bakhshayesh-Karam; Kaveh Kaynama; Mohammad Omid Tahbaz; Seyed Abbas Mir-Afshariyeh; Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli

Resection and Anastomosis for Laryngotracheal Stenosis in Wegener’s Granulomatosis: Case Report

Volume 1, 4(autumn), December 2002, Pages 73-76

Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli; Mehrdad Arab; Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr; Mohammad Keshoofy