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Number of Articles: 4
1. Evaluation of the Personality Traits of Asthmatic Patients

Volume 8, 2(spiring), Spring 2009, Pages 37-41

Soodabeh Rahimi Bazneh; Mehran Zarghami; Akram Imani Taj; Hassan Heydarnajad

2. The Relation between Air Pollution and Cardiorespiratory Admissions in Tehran

Volume 8, 1(winter), Winter 2009, Pages 35-40

Soheila Khalilzadeh; Zohreh Khalilzadeh; Habib Emami; Mohammad Reza Masjedi

3. Prevalence and Severity of Asthma Symptoms in Students of Tehran and Rasht: Phase III ISAAC Study

Volume 7, 3(summer), Autumn 2008, Pages 31-36

Lida Fadaizadeh; Solmaz Salek; Katayoun Najafizadeh; Mohammad Reza Masjedi

4. Airborne- Benzene and Its Effect on Blood Indices of 10- 12 Years Old Children in Four Regions of Tehran

Volume 4, 1(winter), Winter 2005, Pages 47-55

Mansour Azari; Mohammad Ali Mohagheghi; Bijan Nahavandian; Hamid Alavi; Mohammad Ali Emam- Hadi