Author = Parviz Vahdani
Number of Articles: 3
1. Multiple Lung Abscesses in a Patient with Kartagener's Syndrome

Volume 7, 4(autumn), Autumn 2008, Pages 64-67

Parviz Vahdani; Farhad Abbasi; Fariba Musavipour; Sharareh Gholamin; Soolmaz Korooni Fardkhani

2. BCG Vaccination and Active Tuberculosis Prevention: A Three-Year Study

Volume 6, 2(spiring), Spring 2007, Pages 63-67

Masoomeh Alimagham; Saeid Aminiafshar; Siamak Farahmand; Parviz Vahdani; Mostafa Alavi Moghadam; Kamran Sharafi

3. Antibiotic Resistant Patterns in MRSA Isolates from Patients Admitted in ICU and Infectious Ward

Volume 3, 3(summer), Autumn 2004, Pages 37-44

Parviz Vahdani; Mahnaz Saifi; Mohammad Mehdi Aslani; Ahmad Ali Asarian; Kamran Sharafi