Author = Gilda Aghajanzadeh
One Stage Operation for Five Giant Hydatid Cysts of Both Lungs and Liver in a 20-Year-Old Female

Volume 11, 3(summer), October 2012, Pages 52-54

Manochehr Aghajanzadeh; Gilda Aghajanzadeh; Hannan Ebrahimi; Sina Khajeh Jahromi; Alireza Amir Maaf; Sara Massahnia

Surgical Treatment of Chest Wall Tuberculosis

Volume 9, 3(summer), October 2010, Pages 28-32

Manuchehr Aghajanzadeh; Zahra Pourrasouli; Gilda Aghajanzadeh; Sarrah Massahnia

Castleman's Disease in a 35 Year-Old Woman with a Giant Mediastinal Mass

Volume 8, 4(autumn), December 2009, Pages 51-54

Manouchehr Aghajanzadeh; Feizollah Safarpoor; Hossein Hemati; Ali Alavi; Gilda Aghajanzadeh