Author = Davood Mansoori
Number of Articles: 12
1. Fever, Cough and Pruritis in a 21-Year-Old Woman

Volume 6, 4(autumn), Autumn 2007, Pages 63-65

Nader Fayazi; Nahal Mansoori; Fatemeh Abdollahi Mofakham; Payam Tabarsi; Mohammad Sajadi; Davood Mansoori

2. A Thirty – Year Old Man with Fever, Cough and Progressive Dyspnea

Volume 6, 2(spiring), Spring 2007, Pages 92-95

Majid Marjani; Shirin Karimi; Masoud Shamaei; Nader Heidar Zadeh; Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam; Payam Tabarsi; Davood Mansoori

3. Diagnostic Value of Adenosine Deaminase Isoenzyme (ADA2) and Total ADA in Tuberculous Pleural Effusion

Volume 4, 3(summer), Autumn 2005, Pages 37-42

Zohreh Mohammadtaheri; Sirous Mashayekhpour; Foroozan Mohammadi; Davood Mansoori; Mohammad Reza Masjedi

4. Lymphocyte Subgroups in Pleural Fluid and Peripheral Blood of Tuberculous Pleurisy Patients with Positive and Negative PPD Reactions

Volume 4, 1(winter), Winter 2005, Pages 57-62

Hamid Reza Jamaati; Parisa Adimi; Davood Mansoori; Abolfazl Mozafari; Shahpour Shahghasempour

5. Advances in Innate Immunity: The Role of Toll-Like Receptor Signaling in Human Disease

Volume 3, 3(summer), Autumn 2004, Pages 7-17

Jacqueline Ho; Yuexin Li; Aaron F. Hirschfeld; Davood Mansoori; Stuart E. Turvey

6. The Effect of One Year INH Prophylaxis in Reduction of Clinical TB in HIV-Infected Injecting Drug User Males

Volume 2, 1(winter), Winter 2003, Pages 57-61

Kamyar Alaei; Davood Mansoori; Arash Alaei

7. Inherited Disorders of the Interleukin-12-Interferon Gamma Axis: Mendelian Predisposition to Mycobacterial Disease in Man

Volume 1, 4(autumn), Autumn 2002, Pages 9-25

Jean-Laurent Casanova; Davood Mansoori; Claire Fieschi; Capucine Picard; Stéphanie Dupuis

8. Lymphocyte Sub-populations and Lymphocyte Activation Markers in Pulmonary TB Patients

Volume 1, 4(autumn), Autumn 2002, Pages 37-44

Mehdi Mirsaeidi; Shahpour Shah Ghasempour; Majid Valiollahpour Amiri; Mohammad Reza Boloursaz; Mehdi Kazempour Dizaji; Foroozan Mohammadi; Davood Mansoori; Ali Akbar Velayati

9. Comparison of Lymphocyte Number and Their Subsets in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type II, Tuberculosis and Concomitant TB and Diabetes

Volume 1, 4(autumn), Autumn 2002, Pages 45-50

Davood Mansoori; Hamid Reza Jamaati; Siamak Arami; Maryam Zadsar; Ladan Abbasian; Ali Reza Esteghamati; Ali Akbar Velayati

10. The Efficacy of Interferon-α in the Treatment of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis

Volume 1, 3(summer), Autumn 2002, Pages 29-34

Davood Mansoori; Sasan Tavana; Mehdi Mirsaeidi; Mojgan Yazdanpanah; Hamid Sohrabpour

11. Cutaneous Anergy in Patients Receiving Long Term Hemodialysis

Volume 1, 2(spring), Spring 2002, Pages 21-26

Zohreh Aminzadeh; Latif Gachkar; Mehdi Mirsaeidi; Ilad Alavi Darazam; Arda Kiani; Majid Valiollahpour; Shahin Ghasemi; Hosein Sadeghi; Farhad Alavi; Mohammad Jafar Moosavi; Asghar Akbari; Davood Mansoori; Mojtaba Shahidi; Mehran Jalali; Vahid Pourfarziani; Mehdi Kazempour Dizaji; Hossein Saba

12. Prevalence of Clinical Tuberculosis in HIV Infected Patients from Kermanshah Province, IRAN

Volume 1, 2(spring), Spring 2002, Pages 27-33

Davood Mansoori; Kamyar Alaei; Arash Alaei