Author = Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam
Number of Articles: 5
1. Thoracic Imaging Findings of Collagen Vascular Diseases: A CT Study

Volume 13, Issue 1, Winter 2014, Pages 43-47

Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam; Hamideh Peivareh; Leila Mosadegh

2. Correlation between the Pulmonary Artery Pressure Measured in Echocardiography and Pulmonary Artery Diameter in the CT-Scan of Patients Suffering from Interstitial Lung Disease

Volume 10, 3(summer), Autumn 2011, Pages 37-41

Atefeh Fakharian; Nima Hamidi; Behnam Haji Hosseinloo; Samira Rezaei; Elnaz Ehteshami Afshar; Babak Sharif-Kashani; Neda Behzadnia; Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam; Latif Gachkar; Habib Emami

3. A 46-Year-Old Man with Fever and Numbness of Limbs

Volume 10, 2(spiring), Spring 2011, Pages 75-78

Ilad Alavi Darazam; Shirin Karimi; Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam; Seyed Davood Mansouri

4. Comparison between CT-Scan and Trans-Abdominal Sonography in Celiac and Splanchnic Plexus Blocks in Patients with Advanced Pancreatic Head Cancer

Volume 8, 3(summer), Autumn 2009, Pages 51-57

Badiolzaman Radpay; Khosrow Farhadi; Mohammad Zaman Radpay; Akbar Goldasteh; Shideh Dabir; Tahereh Parsa; Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam; Mohammad Fathi

5. HRCT in Early Diagnosis of Asbestos Related Pulmonary Disease

Volume 3, 4(autumn), Autumn 2004

Mohammad Omid Tahbaz; Mohammad Ali Emam-Hadi; Mehrdad Nooraei; Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam; Soheila Zahiri-Fard; Abolhassan Halvani; Mohammad Reza Masjedi